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This site posts some of the work children have done through ART STUDIO classes.  Each year of student have their own page.   The 3rd year students are on this page.   Recent second and first year students are not really featured here, because they are still learning the basics.  Click on 'second and first year students' below to see representative samples of what they will be doing in these classes.    


2018 - 2019
These are costume studies done after learning realistic human illustration.  A few are not yet finished and when students have done so, they will also be posted here.



Water Colors and Acrylics from Summer and Early September.






2017 - 2018
Water colors






Resin Castings
This is a special class and quite involved.   Students made clay statues, then  figures were cut up to make molds and resin (a kind of plastic) was poured in to harden to a resilient plastic figure.  Figures were then filed of imperfections, glued together and painted.   The whole experience is one of showing how real decorative figures are made for commercial use. 









Comic strips
Students designed character sheets and story lines to plan out and compose a comic strip










Pen and Ink drawings.   2nd and 3rd Year students have been learning about Pen and Ink Drawings.  










































These are some 'unknown' abstracts.   Children do abstracts to 'kill time' while others are still finish their works.....Sometimes they don't sign them and although I photograph them, by the time they are posted here....I am hazy on who the artist is.....I think I know...but don't want to post it wrong, so if a child or parent recognize their child's work, I will annotate it here.  They are very attractive works.

2015 -16 Art work.
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2014 - 2015
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Pen & Inks















 Art from recent past years

Model Making
This was the most ambitious project we have attempted thus far.  It is far more complex than might meet the eye here.  Students made models in clay.  These were then turned into molds and plastic resin was poured into make resin casts - exactly like plastic models.   Each one of these casts could be made again and again.












Comic Strip Art project.   Students were learning about framing, writing story boards and character continuity.  The discoloration is the result of photographing large works of art indoors.




Block Prints.