The book which shows children how to quickly be SURE of their math answers.

*  Eliminating Careless Error shows an amazingly simple and mathematically correct way for students to be sure they have the right answer to any number problem.  This method is NOT taught in schools.  Students who have used it have gone from Fs to As in spectacularly short time.   If you are frustrated by constantly poor grades in your child's Arithmetic work, there is a very good chance 'it isn't their fault'.  Neither is it necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring. 

*  The biggest problem children (and adults) have in mathematics is "being sure they have the right answer and haven't made a simple mistake".   It even has a formal name -  'FEAR OF MATH'.  Eliminating Careless Error address this problem in a comprehensive book that children can use by themselves or with their parents.   Children who have learned this method often think it is a 'magic trick' and  are amazed at how quickly they can go from fearing math to loving it. 


Before you spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring, why not try giving this book to your child or reading through it with them?  
The choice is yours....hundreds of dollars and contracts for years - or $15.95 and a few nights of easy, fun exercises.  Here's your chance to make the correct decision mathematically.

*  James Watt is the author of Eliminating Careless Error and is also the founder and teacher of art at ART STUDIO.   Purchasing this book puts you in the positive position that you can talk to the author about what is in the book - anytime you want.  The bottom line is there should be 'no children in Naperville who are failing at Arithmetic'.   If they know what is in this book, it is impossible to fail at math.  Read the book and you will see why and agree that this statement is true.

Eliminating Careless Error is a complete text containing instructions and explanations, ample exercises and the answer sheet for checking.  Eliminating Careless Error is suitable for teaching students 2nd grade on up.   It can be used by 4th graders on up on their own.  Parents should use it to work with their 2nd and 3rd grade children.


*  You can purchase this book by paying online at Paypal, or stopping by Art Studio and picking up a copy here.  Please call first. Shipping is included in the price of the book, for any address in the continental United States.

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