LTD. Print of  ILLINOIS COUNTY COURTHOUSE.   These images were originally done in 1986.  200 limited edition prints of the courthouse were produced.  As of 20 June, there are 60 left.   When these are gone, no more will be produced.  

19th Courthouses, across the nation, particularly in the Midwest and West have a distinctive architecture which is classically American, much as barns from the same period do.   The reason for this is the federal government provided a series of blueprint designs for counties to choose from to build these 'temples to the law' in newly formed counties.  The completion of a courthouse in a town was a benchmark of permanence and settlement.   Now-a-days, as in DuPage County, these old courthouses are being replaced by much more non-distinctive buildings.   Just as more old red barns disappear each year, the old courthouses are retired from their original intention.   This print was made while the courthouse was still being used as such.


Old DuPage County Courthouse, Wheaton, IL

              15.5"x 22"   $125.00    60 images left.



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A series of Pen & ink drawings of Naperville, titled, '6 Views of Naperville' was executed in 1987 and made into a limited edition set of prints.  The were designed as closing gifts to the Real Estate Agencies of Naperville.  The series was limited to 350 of each view.  These are the most detailed drawing available of Naperville.   All prints are still available in varying numbers.  If you are looking for a truly remarkable gift for someone leaving town or yourself, these are unique.   They are not available in any Art store or Gallery.  A smaller edition (250) was also made of the (now) OLD DuPAGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.  The images are shown below along with price of unframed, signed and numbered prints. 

Martin-Mitchell Manor 10.5" x 14" $50.00                                   Book Farm 13"x19"   $90.00


                                                 Centennial Beach 10.5" x 26"   $75.00

                                            Downtown Naperville, 10.5" x 23"   $75.00

             SS Peter & Paul, Catholic Church                                                          River Walk, Naperville

                   14"x14"    $75.00                                                                                   7" x 10"    $30.00

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To contact artist, ask questions or order prints you can e-mail the artist at   You can also call James Watt at (630) - 470 - 9136.  You can arrange for the artist to show you the prints in person at  your office.  If you live in the Naperville area, however, it is faster and more efficient simply to call James Watt.   


Original art may be commissioned by calling James Watt.   I specialize in meticulous pen &ink drawings, as well as Pencil, Water Color and Tempera color work.  Below are a few examples of art work.

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Copy of heurtley_house.jpg (126778 bytes)  

Heurtley House, Oak Park, IL - Frank Lloyd Wright 


Children's portrait 

Copy of O'Keefe home.jpg (96816 bytes) 

Home Portrait, Naperville IL                        Commercial Image, Advertising

Copy of german christmas card.jpg (99235 bytes)   Copy of Hansel und Gretel.jpg (79681 bytes)

Christmas Card Design                                        Cartoon Design (humorous illustration)